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4 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer- YS 464

4 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer- YS 464


– Loading Platform Length : 8.755 mm
– Extendible : 6.000 mm
– Goosencek Length : 4.100 mm
– Rear gooseneck swing : 2.015 mm
– Fifth Wheel Height : 1250 mm
– Loading Platform Height : 850 mm (loaded)
– Air suspension : -50 / + 50 mm
– Axle Distance : 1360 mm
– Width : 2550 mm (+300 +300 outriggers)
– GWV : 72 tons **
– Total Axle Load : 48 tons**
– 5th Wheel Load : 24 tons **
– Dead Weight : 12,7 tons
– Payload : 59,3 tons (including trucktor weight) **
– Technical Payload at 10 km/h : 67,3 tons (including trucktor weight)

**Please check your country rules , these weights for EC type approval.
***Technical capacity : we don’t confirm that can get permission with this weight , technical loading capacity can be change with load condition speed and driving skills


– Gooseneck:

o Fixed gooseneck
o Length : 4100 mm with chamfered corners
o Suitable truck(s) : 6 x 4, 4×2

– Loading Platform

o Single Extendable platform length 8755 + 6000 mm, pneumatic locked,
o Designed single line box chassis with high tensile steel and side floor covered with wood.
o The supply lines are laid in outer beams and adapt automatically to the loading length


o Air suspension with lowering valve
o 2 pcs rigid SAF and 2 pcs self steering axles, each capacity 12 tons
o 1. Axles have axle lift
o Authomatic self steering axle locking after 40 km/h speed
o Authomatic self steering axle locking while driving backwords
o Outer frame construction


o Two line EBS + RSS braking system following EU norms WABCO


o 245 / 70 R 17.5 CONTINENTAL
o Load index 143 / 141 J
o 6, 75 / 17,5 steel rims

o 24 Volt following EU , EC norms
o Led side , front position lamps
o 2 pcs 7 function stop lamp
o Hella brand beacon lamp.
o 4 pcs extendible overload marker boards equipped with led lamp
o 2×7 pin S/N sockets
o Reflective tapes conform at EC regulations

o After all welding works cleaning by high pressure air and shotblasting.After 1 coat epoxy, drying at 80 degrees , after finish dopping 1 coat more layer epoxy base and 3 coats of acrlilc paint with selected ral code and second drying at 80 degrees.


o Steel construction of high tensile steel
o Steel Grade , S355J2+N/S355 MC yield strength 355 MPa
o Welding process MAG


o 50 tons static, 24 tons dynamic capacity mechanical landing gears
o Hydraulic operadted loading ramps, L: 3000 mm W: 750 mm mechanic sliding both side by slider arm loading ramps , mechanic sliding both side by slider arm


o Aluminium headboard fix
o On the gooseneck, removable aluminium side boards
o On the gooseneck, removable aluminium rear boards
o 1 pcs spare Wheel with holder
o Gooseneck covered with chequer plate
o 3.5 king pin
o Two Wheel chocks with carrier
o Fixing points (LC 6 T capacity) at each side lowbed
o Rear bogie covered with chequer plate above the axles.
o Beacon light with holder on the rear bumper
o 1 pcs fire exhinguister box
o Water tank with soap holder

o EXW(ICC Incoterms 2010) TR-34570 Silivri Istanbul Türkiye
o Colour : BLUE-Ral 5015
o Warranty 2 years

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