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2 Axle Lowloader

2 Axle Lowloader


  • Capacity up to 24 tons certified by ec type approval
  • Various goosenecks for 2, 3 and 4 axle trucktors
  • Hydraulıc lifting detachable central beam gooseneck
  • Hydraulıc lifting detachable outer beam gooseneck
  • Suitable for using 1 to 3 axle swing dolly
  • Hydraulic neck compansation system for load distribution
  • Detachable gooseneck systems
  • Possible to produce special constuction for special trucktors


  • 2550 mm to 3500 mm width options
  • Single or double line chassis loading platform
  • Hydraulic widenable loading platform
  • Demountable loading platform for mount different types.
  • Possible to mount additional platforms for longer platform
  • Telescopic single, double extendable chassis options
  • Hot dipped galvanized double step box type outriggers
  • Hot dipped galvanized flag type outriggers


  • Axle line capacity up to 12 tons certified by ec type approval
  • Independent hydraulic dual lever
  • Hydraulic swing pandle
  • Hydraulic compansation
  • Pneumatic


  • Hydraulic steering for pandle suspension up to 70 degrees
  • Hydraulic steering for macpherson type suspensions up to 59 degrees
  • Hydraulic steering for axle beams up to 45 degrees
  • Friction steering up to 22 degrees


  • Portable or rigid gooseneck access ramps while detached position
  • Aluminium axle bogie climbing and loading platform access ramps


  • Wireless trailer management system TRITONIC II functions;
    • Hydraulic suspension
    • Automatic height control
    • Automatic axle alignment
    • Suspension levelling
    • Lift axle
    • Ramps
    • Hydraulic gooseneck
  • Automatic grasing system by groeneveld
  • Hot dipped galvanized platform outriggers
  • Hot dipped galvanized pocket pillars and holder
  • Extra axle lifts
  • Aluminium bridges for extended loading platform

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